About Us

Alabama Divorce Attorney John C. BakerHello, I am Alabama Attorney John Carradine Baker, Sr. I am experienced in Divorce, Personal Injury and Criminal Defense. If you live in the State of Alabama I am licensed to assist you in any of these matters.

I created this website to make simple uncontested divorces affordable for most everyone! In fact my team here in Alabama has handled hundreds of divorces in this manner from all over the USA. We have helped people who were in China, Trinidad, Jamaica, India and many other foreign locales divorce an Alabama spouse !

I grew up in Huntsville, AL where I am a proud alumnus of Huntsville High School. I have lived and practiced in Birmingham and the Gulf Coast in Mobile. I am a father and a husband. I became a lawyer to help people in their times of trouble — and yes, to make a living.

I have known the challenges of the small business owner, the pain of divorce and the suffering of being badly injured in a bad car wreck. Yes, like most of my clients I have lived a little!

I believe my personal experiences of going through life’s challenges have made me a better lawyer! Having “been there, done that” often gives me insight and empathy into a client’s situation and needs. I am a proud American and proud citizen of Alabama. I appreciate you taking a moment to visit us here and look forward to discussing how we may help you today.